BabyGirl Knit Products Store Facts and Trivia!

BabyGirl Knit Products Facts and Trivia

  • Here are some facts and fun trivia about Babygirl Knit Products that may interest you!
  • Cream is the number #1 color by FAR ordered for ottomans. Navy comes in an incredible distant second. Nearly 9 out of 10 ottomans that I create are CREAM! If you order another color I will give you a 5% discount LOL just so I can knit these in another color!!! PLEASE? ANYONE?
  • I secretly love having an excuse to purchase more yarn even though I have an insane amount of yarn in my office. When you place an order with me, I get excited to purchase more yarn. I'm addicted. 
  • The most popular color for the Knit Bolero is TURQUOISE. I think it has something to do with the model that is on my page wearing the turquoise bolero that is advertised. It looks wonderful and so comfortable. So Turquoise is the most popular color by far!!! Gray is a very distant second.
  • November is the busiest month for orders. April is the slowest followed by June. 


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