So I Knit A Dress And... I

I didn't know what I wanted to do. I just got excited about this shirt that I made for my daughter and just decided to go all the way. So I knit this!! 

I got some Red Heart with Love yarn and cast on 200 stitches for the bottom then did decreases all the way for the next twenty yards then once I got to 95 stitches,  I began to knit. I added in some Knit Picks Chroma yarn and worked that in, although I'm not 100 percent convinced I like the results but everyone else seems to. I wanted the dress to have something. My daughter wants me to knit her one in all black now. I just may do that since it didn't take much time to do this. I knit this dress over the course of three to four days and just finished three hours ago. I blocked it and it blocked pretty well. Acrylic yarn doesn't block as well a s wool but a nice steam iron does the job pretty well. Well enough for me.

What's next? Finishing an order and knitting a skirt for my daughter to match the knit shirt that I've just made her.
 She didn't like the colors so I actually knit the dress for me. I'd like to knit a nice little bolero with this so I am going to the store and buy this yarn so that I can finish it. 


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