The Baby Fur Knit Wrap - an Exclusive! LET'S TALK WEDDINGS!

From BabyGirlKnits Products....

A beautiful knit shawl available in six colors. This shawl is so comfortable and luxurious. I love it. It's $49.99. It's also available in organic for those that care about the environment.

This wrap is perfect for your upcoming wedding. It makes a great gift for your bridal party and it gives that uniformed look to your pictures that you may be looking for. For brides, where quality counts, you want something gorgeous and memorable in your pictures. These fur wraps are amazing. I wear the one I made for myself around the house all day long because it IS SO COMFORTABLE.

I wouldn't put anything on my store for sale that I wouldn't personally wear myself. It is also affordable. If you need to place a bulk order, please hit the CUSTOM ORDER BUTTON or shoot me a convo where I can give you two discounts.

1. Brides ALWAYS get a discount with me!
2. Bulk order pricing will apply.

Bulk orders are also worthy of a discount. Depending on the materials that you use and color for the wedding will be the time that I can quote an accurate price. Because they are so easy to make, if you're a last minute bride, don't worry. We have something for you too. We can ship these very quickly. One shawl can be created in the time frame of two hours. So if you need ten, they can be finished in about two days time. (NOTE: the more time the better, especially if you're getting married!)

This wrap is simply gorgeous and stunning. It is as comfortable as it looks. It's made from premium acrylic but Merino wool, which is a bit softer, is also available under custom orders. For those brides that really want luxury, we do offer a cashmere blend for an even more luxurious feel. You won't want to take the wrap off! I assure you. I love mine and will be wearing it for dinner on my upcoming birthday in September.

The perfect wedding is decided down to the details. If the details are just right, it will be phenomenal and yours will be the wedding to beat. The Baby Fur Knit Wrap is just affordable, just luxurious enough, and will be just right for your special day. Let us be apart of it and place your bulk order for these wraps today.

We do have a wrap with no fur that starts at 39.99 and the same terms apply there as well. .We want your business! Thank you and good luck!


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