A Knit Along #1- lace shirt

This is the shirt from the back that I knitted
This is the shirt from the front. There was extra in the front so I just added a little rose button. Just for decoration

I casted on 95 stitches of some regular yarn. I knit the first 12 rows in K2p2 for ribbing. And then knitted.... This is what I have so far....

In this picture above, I had not knitted in the loose ends.  I did a cell mesh knit for decoration but I want to use a paw print decoration in the future with strategically placed yarn overs.

This is the yarn that I used. RED HEART with Love. This yarn tends to be softer than the regular brand, which I love. I frequently used this yarn for my boleros because it is so soft on the skin and the colors are beautiful. With this yarn , be careful that you use the yarn from the right DYE LOT or there will be huge differences in color. So pay attention to this fact when making garments. 

Starting off with a K2P2 rib, I knew that this was going to be perfect.

So after knitting the base part of the shirt, I casted on 120 stitches and knit for about 15-20 rounds to make the top part, which goes over the shoulder. Then you attach, leaving enough space for the arms to go through. If you want to make a tube top then you don't add this part. 

This is the finished product after blocking. This acrylic yarn doesn't block as well as 100% wool does but it did the trick and I was happy with the results. I am thinking of adding this shirt to my collection along with some other items that I've designed. 


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