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Friday, September 23, 2016

Neon Green Worsted Weight Socks With Pink Polka Dots

So I am obsessed with socks. If you’ve been following the blog, you know this already. I wanted something different. I don’t necessarily like knitting with worsted weight yarn when it comes to socks but they make a great substitution for leg warmers I must say. 

But if you want a nice and thick “house” sock, worsted or DK weight is the way to go. Even a sport weight would work for those in warmer climates but something more stockier for your feet. 

For a nice delicate sock, stick to fingering or lace weight yarn. 

For sock knitting I like to do 16-16-16 on three needles. I like to make the cuff about 12-20 rows long in a K2P2.
Then I knit however long....mostly another 10-20 rows and then I start the heel. For a worsted weight sock, 10 rows is enough for me. I’ll explain a bit later. Then I go into the heel turn. When you are dealing with 48 stitches total, you can divide these up nicely when you do the turn. You’ll put 24 on one needle for the heel and then divide with markers 8-8-8. 


Depending on what yarn you use, this may or may not work for you. But it surely has made all the difference to me. When you are a beginner, you have to keep trying new patterns and styles to see what works for you. 

I had these bright colors and thought, why not? They would make a fun looking sock! I was right. I had more of the lime green than the pink, hence the green sock. I would have rather inverted the colors but green is okay too. 

Trying on my work is great so I can gauge how much further I have to go in the sock. I have learned that when it comes to figuring out the heel, when you use a worsted weight, as little as ten rows can work here. This is what I did and it fit my foot to a ’T’. I realized that this was an early error when it came to my sock knitting. That I was knitting the heel too long and that resulted in a sock that slipped down at the back and not very comfortable. Highly annoying to wear too. I knit my daughter some school socks and she has this problem. Won’t be doing that again, now that I know where my errors are. 

Here is the first finished sock.

 For the Polka Dot Pattern...

Row 1       **K5 in MC, K3 CC**
Row 2       **K5 in MC, K5 in CC K5 in MC
Row 3       Repeat Row 2
Row 4       -----repeat this row a few times if you want a larger polka dot----
Last Row   Repeat Row 1

Here I am with the second sock and all the anxieties that go along with it. Since I really don’t count rows, I always worry about whether the sock will be the same way. Beginners....

The finished product. Because I use a wheelchair, I like covering my feet up with stylish footwear. I don’t wear shoes around my house, however, I like socks. Here is the finished product! I’m so proud of my loud socks.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Post Hospital Knitting with BabyGirl Knits

So I’ve been really sick guys. 
I have lupus and it drives me nuts. It put me in a wheelchair and leaves me to fight for my life at times. But knitting has been an outlet for me in times of pain. 
I was in a lot of pain yesterday and I was determined to knit a pair of socks. 

Since my discovery of sock knitting and how wonderful it can be, I find myself obsessed with sock patterns and fingering weight yarns. However, I have dabbled in some worsted weight yarn for socks. They do make a hearty sock, thick for the winter but not every practical for shoes. Since I don’t wear too many shoes, this works fine for me. 

Here Arthur the Teddy Monkey is sitting in the waiting room of the hospital. I was sure they were going to admit me so I brought him. I knit his sweater and shoes. The sweater is knit in two pieces and joined together near the yoke. It was easy to do with some fair isle pattern that is at the top and middle of the sweater. 

So I knew that I would be admitted. I was taken to Telemetry. Here I am showcasing one of my favorite blankets. Next to socks, I love knitting blankets as well because it is one of the best things you can make for someone that you love. Literally you can never have too many blankets. They are a wonderful gift for people. Here I’ve done the blanket in stockinette stitch so that I could do intarsia hearts in different colors with Purl ridges every thirty or so rows. I got a lot of compliments. It’s one of my favorite blankets. I want to knit another one for my daughter. I will have a lot to do for Xmas this year.

Hospital waffles. They weren’t too bad. But they were hot and that’s what counts. Morning time in the hospital right as they bring breakfast is the best time for me. It’s a bit quiet and I turn off the lights. I like to sleep or read during this time. 

Getting out the hospital, my fingers were itching for some needles. I had some luscious  KnitPicks yarn that was just dying to be knit into a lovely pair of anklet socks. I knew that I wasn’t going to have a lot with one skein but I did know that I could knit a pair of anklets. Tweed looking socks just look so distinguished. 

With a pattern in my head, I knit these 16-16-16 on all needles with US 2.5MM needles from KnitPicks. I believe this color is Stroll Tweed Barn Door Heather fingering weight. 65% Superwash Merino Wool 25% Nylon 10% Donegal Tweed are the specs on this yarn and it was just lovely to knit. I love the “stretch” in the yarn as I knit with this high quality yarn. It knits so much better than acrylic yarn and it knits beautifully. Such a great looking stitch! Here, I’m ready for the instep....the boring part to me. I like doing Heel turns now...I used to run from that. Now I openly embrace a heel turn. Color me strange. 

One sock down and one more to go. I am so in love with my sock that I can’t wait to get the other finished. As you can see, I am ready to finish the next one.

A closer look.

See that yarn in the background? Yeah I’m contemplating another pair of socks. 

Finished!!! How wonderful they feel! These are the best fit too! It gets no better folks than Stroll Tweed from KnitPicks! I literally can’t get enough of this yarn. Seriously.

Awww....Match made in heaven. Feet and socks go well together...especially freshly knit socks off the needle. It’s all about the small comforts in life....Yep. Living as well as I can with double pneumonia and a thyroid that is going nuts.