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Can I Sell The Items That I Make From A Paid Pattern? --Question Asked

This is a question that always tends to get me upset. As an Etsy regular and I’m on Craftsy, I see this a lot. Patterns marked stating that you may not sell the finished product. Or ask permission to sell the finished product after selling the pattern. You know what that tells me? The seller is trying to have her cake and eat it too. They want to profit on the sale of the pattern and still be able to sell the completed product in their store. NO. You can’t do that. First off, when you purchase a pattern, you can’t take that pattern and covet it as your own. However, the copyright ends with the pattern. The person selling the pattern can’t tell you what to do with the finished product of the pattern. This is the ridiculousness that I see on Etsy all the time. This is the stuff that people try to copyright. These blankets are very nicely made, however they have trademarked images in them. How in the world are you going to sell the pattern for an image that YOU don’t OWN YOURSELF? And t…

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