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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Laughs Keep on Coming... Etsy, Craftsy, and Selling Patterns

The Hilariousness ensues.

So on Craftsy, I saw a nice pattern that was for sale.  It was very simple but the end result with the perfect yarn made a beautiful shawl.

So.....I saw a simple garter stitch shawl.

A simple garter stitch shawl.

A shawl made simply from garter stitch from the bottom to the top.

The woman selling the pattern for a modest price stated that you are only allowed to use the pattern for personal use.

But it's a garter stitch shawl.

Sometimes I don't know if it's arrogance or just copying off what other sellers do. But think about it. It's a GARTER STITCH SHAWL! How in the world do you copyright something like that? It's like copyright on a pair of simple socks or a simple scarf. You can't prove that someone stole it from you because the pattern is too simple. It's pure nonsense and kind of funny stuff that I see in the knitting world. Someone else created that before you did and here you are thinking you invented the wheel!

How do you take someone to court for something like that? These attorneys agree with me.

Avvo Legal Advice

Anyway, it's just entertainment to me. I don't know if you find this stuff hilarious or not but if you don't want people to sell the things they make from your pattern, then don't sell the pattern. You want it both ways. You want to make money on the pattern AND the item that you sell in your own store. But US Copyright Law just doesn't agree with you on this.

Neither do I.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekly knitting Project #2-More Baby Shower Gifts! BabyMania!

My daughter got invited to a baby shower and she decided to   have me knit something for the baby. Of course, I couldn't turn it down. I love knitting for babies but I'm not a fan of children **ducks tomatoes and rotten vegetables** However, I don't mind knitting for them.

I made these baby booties for the baby and underneath is a blanket that I'm making for another baby. For those that are going to a baby shower this summer, you should place your orders soon. It doesn't take long to knit these items and I can have it wrapped very nicely! It will be a gift that your loved one can cherish forever, especially if they want to preserve their baby's clothing. 

Please, let me make something wonderful for your baby today. i really enjoy this and I can't wait to make something creative for you. Baby Girl Knit Products

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Yarn Haul #2

This is a combination of Knit Picks Palette yarn, Shine, and Wool of The Andes! I love buying yarn! It is one of my favorite things to buy! Take a look at these colors!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sonia's Sarong Finished

This is the finished knit Sarong sold as Sonyas Sarong on my store. She loves it! I should've used a lighter yarn. 

Finished Beach Shawl for Layla

I finally finished it! What do you think? She didn't want the white at the top but I convinced her to get it. She wants another one but longer and a different color. We will see how it turns out.  This was Knit from knitpicks palette yarn with different colors from a sampler on US7 Needles. I didn't use a pattern. I knit this from memory. I made it up going along. 

Fallen From Grace....

I love selling my items on Etsy. It has given me such great self esteem. When I was diagnosed with lupus, I thought that I could never be useful again. With very low lung function and with the fact that I use a wheelchair to get around, I started to feel like a bum, especially on Monday mornings while everyone is on their way to work. Here I was, sitting in bed with a cup of hot tea and watching television. I even had a line of up things that I was going to watch for the day.

Great stuff, eh?

But my sometimes cantankerous mother-in-law-to-be taught me how to do a knit stitch one day. Through her Tagalog and sometimes bad English, I learned how to do this simple knit stitch and cast on stitches.

I loved it.

Two months later, I had opened my own store on Etsy, after everyone pushed me to this site. It was so easy to set up and now two years later, I'm learning about business and what it takes to have a successful store with so much great competition out there. From what I can see, Etsy has great sellers with integrity to match. I've supported other knitting stores while they have supported me. It's a great community.


There is one seller that is very popular. She sells handmade knit items and her store has blown up. Very few people see this kind of success on Etsy and she should be proud. But one day, I was talking over business with a young lady that wants to open a store herself. While doing some searching, I found items that looked familiar. I have purchased from this store myself on Etsy and have received over seven things but none of them looked "handmade" at all! In fact, they were highly irregular. One pair of socks fit just right while the other pair of socks were way too large! Then she sent the wrong item one day and it just didn't look like it was hand made. Neither did the other items when they came.

So I was shocked to see that these items were being sold on another site that takes bulk orders. Now, there is nothing in the Etsy guidelines that says you can't do that, but you must LIST THAT THESE ITEMS ARE NOT HANDMADE. She has hers listed in the handmade section, when I know she didn't hand make one of these items. They were made in CHINA.


I was disappointed. I know being overwhelmed with orders must be one thing but to not totally be honest is another. I thought it was coincidence so I found one particular item on her store and within ten minutes I found the same item being sold on the wholesale site. It, too, is listed as handmade. The same picture was used from the wholesale site.

There is nothing really wrong with any of this. I know, shocking right? No there is nothing wrong with going to a site and purchasing things in bulk, and then selling them on your store The problem is when I made the purchase, I thought I was purchasing something handmade. Not something that you purchased from China. Then you put your name on it like you made this genius product. It's not right. It is important to be honest with your customers.

I strive to be honest in all of my dealings with my customers and that's what I offer all the time. But for some people, honesty is not important.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Weekly project #1

I'm making a new cover for Layla. It will be like a shawl concept but I'm using the cell mesh stitch. Along with knitting and purling it looks great. I started off with a K2P2 ribbing for at least six or seven rows before I worked stockinette stitch. Then I go into the cell mesh with a purl bump before it.  Alternating back and forth I'm going to continue to create a large piece of fabric that I'm going to fold down the sides for sleeves. Hopefully this will be a cute beach cover up or any other cover that someone could use for whatever. I love the colors.

I'm using Knit Picks Pallette Yarn. But since one ball is not enough, I'm using a Sampler that i purchased months ago. I'm using at least three colors with possibly white at the top to give it a Ombre appearance. So far, I'm using a dark and light pink in between. It really looks pretty and will look even better when I block it.

I love knitting for my daughter and it always lights up my day when she wears one of my creations. I made her some leg warmers two years ago and when she wears them, I always smile. That'll never go away. It's true that when you love knitting, you start knitting for people all the time. It's all love and I love knitting her things. I just even love it more when she likes it so much, she wears it all the time. One of these days I'm going to attempt to knit my first sweater and give it to her. I hope she wears it for a lifetime. I only hope that one day she picks up this lovely habit.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I knew that I was going to find something. 

It didn't take long actually.

But I found one.

I was browsing through Etsy and found that there was a nice poncho for sale. You could also buy the pattern too. But being the avid knitter that I am, that pattern looked very familiar. In fact, I knew just where the pattern came from because i fell in love with it. I found it online. But lo and behold, this site was selling the pattern as their own and had the nerve to say that they would go after those that would steal the pattern from them. They also made it clear that the pattern was for personal use only.


You took the pattern, changed the neckline a bit, and think that we're stupid? Give me a break. The pattern isn't yours. It belongs to someone else. Just because you changed the neckline doesn't mean anything. It's not your pattern. Get over yourselves. I'm so tired of seeing this crap time and time again in the knitting world. It makes no sense.

It's not your pattern. If you even think about going after anyone for selling this, I'm calling you out next. This has gone too far.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Calling All Brides!! Something Not Borrowed But Something New To Our Collection

Royal Bridal Shawl

Its a shame that these pieces that are shown in the pictures do not come with the shawl but the brooch in the middle does. It is not guaranteed that you will get the same brooch and it's determined only through what's available at the time. I love bling and this shawl has plenty of it.

I originally had applied ribbons so that it could be tied in the front but realized that it looked better with a brooch. I'm still deciding if I should attach ribbons as well and the brooch so that the wearer can decide how they want to wear it.

I love Lion Brand Yarn Hometown Yarn. This is New York White and it is a beautiful Brilliant white.  This white is so pretty and I love knitting with it. Most of this collection has a great sheen to it. The sheen adds to the elegance of the shawl and that's why I love using it for formal events. The sheen for formal events make the 

This is the dress that I wore to the Miss Indiana Wheelchair Pageant. At the time, I didn't knit but it was chilly in there. I would have worn this definitely. It was gorgeous. This shawl is too comfortable for words.

It looks great with the right accessories! Its simplicity and elegance can't be beat. Did I mention the price?

It's Pink, Red, or Brown
Or even Ice Blue
Not even Borrowed
Because it's brand new.

The Perfect Royal Bridal Shawl
Made to order just for you.
Magnificent White to Onyx Black
Brilliant colors that are tried and true.

I loved perfecting this wonderful shawl. It was so easy to create and I made it in no time at all. Because this is wedding season, I know how hard it is to find something that will work for everyone. It is also affordable. More affordable than most bridal shawls on Etsy.

I'm all for affordability and availability for my customers. It is important in this day and age and yet quality goes hand and hand with it.
These are all the colors that are available for the shawl, however, if there is a color that you want and you don't see it, we can easily accommodate you. Shoot me a CONVO on and I'll send you some samples online. If you want to see them in person, that can be arranged. I can mail them to you for small fee.

This is Reverie  Worsted Yarn, It is beautiful and it has a halo effect, like mohair. It knits up to a beautiful shawl and is not "itchy" like some other fabrics. I really love the cream and the pinks but the royal dark colors make me feel royal. I knit a hat in that color and it is my favorite far. If you want a shawl but knitted with this yarn instead, we can accommodate you with this request as well. It gives the shawl a quite different look.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Bikini Cover up for my Daughter

My daughter wanted something to cover her body when she goes to the beach. I don't like the yarn that I used. I think it's too thick and should have gone for a lace or even a fingering weight. This yarn is worsted weight. It's pretty but I don't recommend it on super hot days. I'm going to reknit her something else. I just hope it works better.