I knew that I was going to find something. 

It didn't take long actually.

But I found one.

I was browsing through Etsy and found that there was a nice poncho for sale. You could also buy the pattern too. But being the avid knitter that I am, that pattern looked very familiar. In fact, I knew just where the pattern came from because i fell in love with it. I found it online. But lo and behold, this site was selling the pattern as their own and had the nerve to say that they would go after those that would steal the pattern from them. They also made it clear that the pattern was for personal use only.


You took the pattern, changed the neckline a bit, and think that we're stupid? Give me a break. The pattern isn't yours. It belongs to someone else. Just because you changed the neckline doesn't mean anything. It's not your pattern. Get over yourselves. I'm so tired of seeing this crap time and time again in the knitting world. It makes no sense.

It's not your pattern. If you even think about going after anyone for selling this, I'm calling you out next. This has gone too far.


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