The Laughs Keep on Coming... Etsy, Craftsy, and Selling Patterns

The Hilariousness ensues.

So on Craftsy, I saw a nice pattern that was for sale.  It was very simple but the end result with the perfect yarn made a beautiful shawl.

So.....I saw a simple garter stitch shawl.

A simple garter stitch shawl.

A shawl made simply from garter stitch from the bottom to the top.

The woman selling the pattern for a modest price stated that you are only allowed to use the pattern for personal use.

But it's a garter stitch shawl.

Sometimes I don't know if it's arrogance or just copying off what other sellers do. But think about it. It's a GARTER STITCH SHAWL! How in the world do you copyright something like that? It's like copyright on a pair of simple socks or a simple scarf. You can't prove that someone stole it from you because the pattern is too simple. It's pure nonsense and kind of funny stuff that I see in the knitting world. Someone else created that before you did and here you are thinking you invented the wheel!

How do you take someone to court for something like that? These attorneys agree with me.

Avvo Legal Advice

Anyway, it's just entertainment to me. I don't know if you find this stuff hilarious or not but if you don't want people to sell the things they make from your pattern, then don't sell the pattern. You want it both ways. You want to make money on the pattern AND the item that you sell in your own store. But US Copyright Law just doesn't agree with you on this.

Neither do I.


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