Weekly knitting Project #2-More Baby Shower Gifts! BabyMania!

My daughter got invited to a baby shower and she decided to   have me knit something for the baby. Of course, I couldn't turn it down. I love knitting for babies but I'm not a fan of children **ducks tomatoes and rotten vegetables** However, I don't mind knitting for them.

I made these baby booties for the baby and underneath is a blanket that I'm making for another baby. For those that are going to a baby shower this summer, you should place your orders soon. It doesn't take long to knit these items and I can have it wrapped very nicely! It will be a gift that your loved one can cherish forever, especially if they want to preserve their baby's clothing. 

Please, let me make something wonderful for your baby today. i really enjoy this and I can't wait to make something creative for you.

Etsy.com Baby Girl Knit Products


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