Calling All Brides!! Something Not Borrowed But Something New To Our Collection

Royal Bridal Shawl

Its a shame that these pieces that are shown in the pictures do not come with the shawl but the brooch in the middle does. It is not guaranteed that you will get the same brooch and it's determined only through what's available at the time. I love bling and this shawl has plenty of it.

I originally had applied ribbons so that it could be tied in the front but realized that it looked better with a brooch. I'm still deciding if I should attach ribbons as well and the brooch so that the wearer can decide how they want to wear it.

I love Lion Brand Yarn Hometown Yarn. This is New York White and it is a beautiful Brilliant white.  This white is so pretty and I love knitting with it. Most of this collection has a great sheen to it. The sheen adds to the elegance of the shawl and that's why I love using it for formal events. The sheen for formal events make the 

This is the dress that I wore to the Miss Indiana Wheelchair Pageant. At the time, I didn't knit but it was chilly in there. I would have worn this definitely. It was gorgeous. This shawl is too comfortable for words.

It looks great with the right accessories! Its simplicity and elegance can't be beat. Did I mention the price?

It's Pink, Red, or Brown
Or even Ice Blue
Not even Borrowed
Because it's brand new.

The Perfect Royal Bridal Shawl
Made to order just for you.
Magnificent White to Onyx Black
Brilliant colors that are tried and true.

I loved perfecting this wonderful shawl. It was so easy to create and I made it in no time at all. Because this is wedding season, I know how hard it is to find something that will work for everyone. It is also affordable. More affordable than most bridal shawls on Etsy.

I'm all for affordability and availability for my customers. It is important in this day and age and yet quality goes hand and hand with it.
These are all the colors that are available for the shawl, however, if there is a color that you want and you don't see it, we can easily accommodate you. Shoot me a CONVO on and I'll send you some samples online. If you want to see them in person, that can be arranged. I can mail them to you for small fee.

This is Reverie  Worsted Yarn, It is beautiful and it has a halo effect, like mohair. It knits up to a beautiful shawl and is not "itchy" like some other fabrics. I really love the cream and the pinks but the royal dark colors make me feel royal. I knit a hat in that color and it is my favorite far. If you want a shawl but knitted with this yarn instead, we can accommodate you with this request as well. It gives the shawl a quite different look.


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