Weekly project #1

I'm making a new cover for Layla. It will be like a shawl concept but I'm using the cell mesh stitch. Along with knitting and purling it looks great. I started off with a K2P2 ribbing for at least six or seven rows before I worked stockinette stitch. Then I go into the cell mesh with a purl bump before it.  Alternating back and forth I'm going to continue to create a large piece of fabric that I'm going to fold down the sides for sleeves. Hopefully this will be a cute beach cover up or any other cover that someone could use for whatever. I love the colors.

I'm using Knit Picks Pallette Yarn. But since one ball is not enough, I'm using a Sampler that i purchased months ago. I'm using at least three colors with possibly white at the top to give it a Ombre appearance. So far, I'm using a dark and light pink in between. It really looks pretty and will look even better when I block it.

I love knitting for my daughter and it always lights up my day when she wears one of my creations. I made her some leg warmers two years ago and when she wears them, I always smile. That'll never go away. It's true that when you love knitting, you start knitting for people all the time. It's all love and I love knitting her things. I just even love it more when she likes it so much, she wears it all the time. One of these days I'm going to attempt to knit my first sweater and give it to her. I hope she wears it for a lifetime. I only hope that one day she picks up this lovely habit.


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