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Saturday, August 29, 2015

the pink road not taken shawl-- exclusive BabyGirlKnits

Take the road less traveled by and it will make a difference. Love the colors of this shawl and the shine from the yarn. Only the best yarn was used in the creation of his shawl from the Comfy Collection from KnitPicks. It can be gently washed and looks amazing! If you like pink and purple, this is your shawl. There is no other like it in the world and its an original.

For just $50, you can purchase this shawl. You need this in your life.

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Baby Fur Knit Wrap - an Exclusive! LET'S TALK WEDDINGS!

From BabyGirlKnits Products....

A beautiful knit shawl available in six colors. This shawl is so comfortable and luxurious. I love it. It's $49.99. It's also available in organic for those that care about the environment.

This wrap is perfect for your upcoming wedding. It makes a great gift for your bridal party and it gives that uniformed look to your pictures that you may be looking for. For brides, where quality counts, you want something gorgeous and memorable in your pictures. These fur wraps are amazing. I wear the one I made for myself around the house all day long because it IS SO COMFORTABLE.

I wouldn't put anything on my store for sale that I wouldn't personally wear myself. It is also affordable. If you need to place a bulk order, please hit the CUSTOM ORDER BUTTON or shoot me a convo where I can give you two discounts.

1. Brides ALWAYS get a discount with me!
2. Bulk order pricing will apply.

Bulk orders are also worthy of a discount. Depending on the materials that you use and color for the wedding will be the time that I can quote an accurate price. Because they are so easy to make, if you're a last minute bride, don't worry. We have something for you too. We can ship these very quickly. One shawl can be created in the time frame of two hours. So if you need ten, they can be finished in about two days time. (NOTE: the more time the better, especially if you're getting married!)

This wrap is simply gorgeous and stunning. It is as comfortable as it looks. It's made from premium acrylic but Merino wool, which is a bit softer, is also available under custom orders. For those brides that really want luxury, we do offer a cashmere blend for an even more luxurious feel. You won't want to take the wrap off! I assure you. I love mine and will be wearing it for dinner on my upcoming birthday in September.

The perfect wedding is decided down to the details. If the details are just right, it will be phenomenal and yours will be the wedding to beat. The Baby Fur Knit Wrap is just affordable, just luxurious enough, and will be just right for your special day. Let us be apart of it and place your bulk order for these wraps today.

We do have a wrap with no fur that starts at 39.99 and the same terms apply there as well. .We want your business! Thank you and good luck!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Baby fur wrap-an exclusive

This was created just to see what would happen and I am surprised by the results. It turned out better than ever. It's so luxurious and was very easy to create. It took all of a day and a half to create this masterpiece and I love wearing it. It's become my favorite piece.

It is made from Premium Acrylic and Romance Yarn from Lion Brand Yarns. It comes in  Snow White, Cream, Brown, Black Cat, and Burgundy. Other colors such Navy Blue or Purple could become available as custom orders.

They look wonderful for your upcoming winter wedding or just something to slink over your shoulders for a black tie affair. Or just to add some luxury to your office shawl for work. This is the perfect wrap and at a suggested retail price of $49.99, affordable as well.

It is not yet up on the store for sale but if you are interested, please hit the custom order button and we can chat soon! Let me know what you think of it!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ready to Go Collection-- Available on Etsy!

I am starting a Ready to Go Collection. This collection will feature items that have already been made and that are ready to ship. They will be a collection of scarves, cowls, dresses, tops, skirts, and other items that I'm sure will delight!

Monday, August 17, 2015

So I Knit A Dress And... I

I didn't know what I wanted to do. I just got excited about this shirt that I made for my daughter and just decided to go all the way. So I knit this!! 

I got some Red Heart with Love yarn and cast on 200 stitches for the bottom then did decreases all the way for the next twenty yards then once I got to 95 stitches,  I began to knit. I added in some Knit Picks Chroma yarn and worked that in, although I'm not 100 percent convinced I like the results but everyone else seems to. I wanted the dress to have something. My daughter wants me to knit her one in all black now. I just may do that since it didn't take much time to do this. I knit this dress over the course of three to four days and just finished three hours ago. I blocked it and it blocked pretty well. Acrylic yarn doesn't block as well a s wool but a nice steam iron does the job pretty well. Well enough for me.

What's next? Finishing an order and knitting a skirt for my daughter to match the knit shirt that I've just made her.
 She didn't like the colors so I actually knit the dress for me. I'd like to knit a nice little bolero with this so I am going to the store and buy this yarn so that I can finish it. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Knit Along #1- lace shirt

This is the shirt from the back that I knitted
This is the shirt from the front. There was extra in the front so I just added a little rose button. Just for decoration

I casted on 95 stitches of some regular yarn. I knit the first 12 rows in K2p2 for ribbing. And then knitted.... This is what I have so far....

In this picture above, I had not knitted in the loose ends.  I did a cell mesh knit for decoration but I want to use a paw print decoration in the future with strategically placed yarn overs.

This is the yarn that I used. RED HEART with Love. This yarn tends to be softer than the regular brand, which I love. I frequently used this yarn for my boleros because it is so soft on the skin and the colors are beautiful. With this yarn , be careful that you use the yarn from the right DYE LOT or there will be huge differences in color. So pay attention to this fact when making garments. 

Starting off with a K2P2 rib, I knew that this was going to be perfect.

So after knitting the base part of the shirt, I casted on 120 stitches and knit for about 15-20 rounds to make the top part, which goes over the shoulder. Then you attach, leaving enough space for the arms to go through. If you want to make a tube top then you don't add this part. 

This is the finished product after blocking. This acrylic yarn doesn't block as well as 100% wool does but it did the trick and I was happy with the results. I am thinking of adding this shirt to my collection along with some other items that I've designed. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New Yarn from Knit Picks

This yarn is from the Mighty stitch collection. I can't wait to do a sample piece with this new collection. 

It tends to split a bit and I'm not happy with it. The ball I used wouldn't look good in a garment but it feels good in your hand and it has a beautiful sheen. The color that I purchased was Pucker. It is a superwash wool and acrylic so it's great in the machine. 

The other yarn I purchased was some good old fashioned Comfy Worsted in Celestial. I am making a school sweater for my daughter. Hopefully she will like it.