Custom Order Corner--Cashmere Knit Bags...

So I made these bags for a particular item that I like to collect. I wanted to keep them nice and clean and decided to knit these bags. They came out even better than expected. The Pink bag is made from Cashmere that I purchased from China. I used baker's twine to tie the bag up. I knit it pretty much how I would knit a hat. Then towards the top, I K20, YO, K2TOG around. Then i increased the stitch count so that the top of the bag would flare out and BO. 

The White bag is made out of Acrylic but there are some sparkles in the yarn itself. I did the same thing, but I made this bag larger. I used some ribbon that I found in a discount bin and wove it through the YO holes. That was it. I created two lovely bags. I love the sheen and the way that the pink bag feels. However the White bag is larger and can fit more things inside it. 

They make great wedding gifts or even decorations for the table! They are easy and quick to make to a Bride's specifications or any party! 


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