Knitting Nightmare Machine: Italian Lace and a Dog Blanket...New Items for Baby Girl Knits

So far Ive  been knitting my head off. Something that I've neglected to do but feel really bad about. Now I'm back and ready to work. 
This is the Italian Chrissy. It's Italian Inspired Lace that I've created. You can purchase this in three different sizes and  two scarves will never be the same.   They are all knit very differently.   

This is a pet blanket that I've made for Champ. It's interesting because there are different colors that the buyer can use to create their own creation here. You can have your dog's name knit onto the blanket. Up to five letters please. 

Here, Champ is enjoying his new blanket already.

This blanket took me about two and half days to create from start to finish. I enjoyed it very much. It comes in four sizes. Small dog, medium dog, large dog, extra large dog. It also costs a bit more for the embroidery. 


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