On My Needles

Sorry it’s been some time. Struggling with some serious health issues at the moment. As I write these words, I’m wearing a Holter monitor because my heart rate is running cray cray. Nevertheless, I’ve forced myself to knitting and am rediscovering it again. Here you go....

A poncho....

I’ve never knitted one before and I was excited about the prospects. Here is a link to one I found online but I’m sort of doing my own thing with it....as usual. You know I’m not big on patterns.


I’m creating my own version of this.

CO 44 stitches
regular worsted weight yarn 
K4 P4 for twenty rows
then increase your stitch count on the next round by ten stitches
I knit K6 P4 and continued that
Then I increased the stitch size to K8 P4
and continued for there. 
At row 24, I started regular increases until row 30 where I just continued to knit in the round. 
Then I am knitting Purl Bumps for decoration  for the rest of the poncho. I’ll let you know how it finishes....with pictures. Stay tuned.


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