Fallen From Grace Part Two


I wrote about this company last year while doing some research. I've purchased from Grace and Lace and received some Eggplant and Cream leg warmers. The Cream leg warmers fit perfectly, however the Eggplant ones...not so much. One look can tell you that these leg warmers were not handmade. As an avid knitter, I could tell right off. However, when I went to their Etsy website, I saw that the items were placed under handmade.


Etsy states that you're supposed to let your customers know that the items purchased were made from somewhere else.

It also isn't fair to other sellers. With the ability to purchase these same leg warmers from alibaba in any quantity, how are other sellers supposed to keep up? I can knit a pair of leg warmers in an afternoon, however why wait for me to knit them and send them out when you can have these shipped to you the same day. Now she would never ship same day. She was smarter than that. I did not get my order for another week or so.

Aztec Legwarmers Available on Alibaba AND Grace and Lace

These leg warmers gave it away for me. I expressed that last year when I learned that she buys her items from Alibaba instead of hand making them. This is misleading. However, this company is no longer on Etsy. com. They have made it big time with an appearance on SharkTank and have their own private website. Their leg warmers are also found in stores across the nation.

I just wish that things were more fair. That people were more honest. If the items were made in China then say so. Don't mislead me into thinking otherwise. As a paying customer twice, I was disappointed in this.


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