First Sock Knitting Adventure

knitting socks is not easy.....

I've knitting many things since the Etsy store, however, I've never knitted socks. They were intimidating to say the least. To make a flat object go 3-dimensional is not easy to do. There are so many mistakes that you can make and I'm making plenty of of them.


I've learned ho to knit a simple sock without looking at a pattern. That's amazing to me. Because it used to intimidate me so. Now, I can knit a regular sock and not cary around lay decisions.


I have to remember that after picking up stitches for the instep, that I need to do the decreases slowly. Instead of this, I wind up with too step a decrease and it shows in the work. This caused a very visual "mistake" in my work. I know now that I do the decreases every other round instead of every round. Also I went the wrong way a few times which created a purl ridge in the work. IT made a cute design but not something I wanted in my work. However I will keep it in mind in the future.


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