Ode To Knitting Socks....

Oh how I can knit and knit
And never find,
An addicting hobby, 
Such as mine,
With needles, yarn and my two hands,
Creating fabric that others demand.
But nothing as precious, 
As hand knit socks for your feet.
Because knitting a pair.
There's no bigger treat.

-Sonya Dickerson © 2016

I love knitting socks.

I was always scared to do so but now that I know how to do it, But now that I know, I'm addicted! I love Dutch heels and doing Heel turns. I  kind of hate picking up the instep and gusset but it's all worth it as I make my way down to that all deserving toe! 

I love looking at sock yarns, yarns that I would snub unless I was making a sock yarn shawl. Since socks were so intimidating to me, the only thing I thought of using sock yarn for was for shawls. Never socks! **clutches pearls** 

Now....I love different textures as they blend together. I think of how magnificent the sock will feel on my feet. I think of how pleasurable it will feel when I try the sock on for the first time. It feels divine. You don't know heaven unless you've had handmade knit socks. I heard that saying over and over and over again and never paid attention to it until I tried on my first pair. 

Sigh. A dream come true. The softer the yarn, the better they feel on my toes! 
Seriously. Sock knitting is addicting. I don't wear too many socks but if I could get use to knitting them, I sure can get used to wearing them. Don't you think?


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