Perfect Tube Sock Legwarmers--BabyGirl Knit Products

Starting off here! With a K2P2 for the top of the leg warmer. Then switching over to a contrasting color for the stripes to emulate tube socks!

Worked on 3.25 needles with Worsted Weight yarn, I always found that this created the stitching that I wanted. Very tight. They were very fun to knit and it took me two days to make them. I could have finished both in one day if I had not taken breaks. 

Im still looking into what colors that I want to make them in. Custom colors are available as well. But they count as a custom order. 

 Here the leg warmer is halfway done. It’s really nothing at this point but working around on circular needles or double points. I wouldn’t recommend a circular needle for this but if you did use one, I would go with a 9”. I have one and it’s my smallest one. LOL.

They were so fun to make and just beautiful. My daughter took one look at them and she had to have them. She loved the stirrups and wanted a pair for herself immediately. I told her that these were for my customers!! So if you’re interested in this pair, let me know.

Here is the finished product! Normally when I make a leg warmer, I do the bottom first especially when I’m creating the stirrup part. But I didn’t do that. I added the stirrup later by BO at least half of the stitches and then adding them on the next row using a Knit cast on, which is better than the Backwards loop cast on. That creates a sloppy ridge where you would need that end to be more sturdier since this is the part of the foot that will make contact with the floor in many cases.

 Don’t you just love the color! It’s KnitPicks in Wine.

The colors offered are

White/Black and it’s inverse (black with white stripes)
Blue and White (inverse)
Green and White (inverse)
Pink and White (inverse)
Blue and Orange (inverse)

Cream can also be substituted for White. But that would be a custom order. 


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