Cats Should Never Get Cancer...

Manerva is an awesome kitty. 
She also has cancer. Oral cancer and she won’t survive this bout.
I wanted Manerva to have something special. So I knit her a personal blanket and a cat cape to cover her stitches. Her mommy and daddy call her “Frankenkitty” because of it. LOL But I wanted her to have something that she could wear to cover it as well as they have something that  could represent her.

So there you are Manerva. Sleep well with your blanket beautiful kitty. I’m glad you like your things. You’re an epic kitty and epic kitties need epic things.


  1. She does love them! She is very protective of them from the other cats! She hates wearing clothes so that says a lot! But she loves her cape and snuggling in the blanket! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING HER FEEL LIKE A ROCK-STAR!


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