Living Dangerously:Knitting A Crop Top Sweater Without A Pattern

I’m living on the dangerous side. I saw this knit sweater that I had to make for my daughter, yet, I didn’t want to use a pattern. I wanted to make my own sweater. Problem? Never done it before. I know that I can do it, I’ve just never knitted a sweater. 

For the past few days, I’ve gone through Pinterest and Instagram to learn how to do it. I’ve found tutorials and went through all my knitting books on my Kindle to see how I can do it. I even went to YouTube and Craftsy where I take classes online to learn new skills. 

This is how I started off. Casting on 80 stitches with bulky KnitPicks Yarn. This is my daughter trying it on....

trying it on...

Sectioning off

 So here was the most confusing. Trying to section things off for the sleeves and the front. Here I made Make One Left increases to go from 80 to 136 stitches to accommodate for the body of the sweater. I wanted the sweater to be very loose fitting but tapered at the bottom.

I made my own pattern for the Cable Panel. 
There are 40 stitches that make up the front and back and then 23 stitches on both sides for the sleeves. 


Row 1-- K5, P5, C3B, P5,K5,P5, C3B,P5,K8
Row 2-- Purl entire row
Row 3-- Knit Row but Purl where the purl stitches are
Row 4-- Purl Row
Row 5-- Knit Row but purl where the purl stitches are
Row 6--Purl Row
Row 7-- K5, P5, C3F, P5,K5, P5, C3F, P5,K8

After the cable panel, I’m going to work decreases until I get down to my original 80 stitches so that the bottom hugs her stomach. This IS a crop top so there isn’t much to this....

EDIT: This was taken the next day on Saturday. I had started on the back. I began the sleeves but had to rip them out because they really didn’t fit. I needed to do more increases and the sleeves were not shaped right. So I’ll get back to them later. I’ll put the sleeves on 16 inch circular needles. so that I can make sure they fit her. But I’ll be done soon. I will do a brand new post with the pattern and how I created this sweater without a pattern!

This is the front. Ready to knit the back!

Yes this was knit in a very unorthodox way. I pretty much winged it but it’s coming out okay with the exception of the sleeves that I had to do over. I’ll do it last.

Another look.

Knitting the back and almost at the bottom! Ready to K2P2!

You can see the sleeves here. The sweater is turned over on the back.

Another look at the sweater.

This isn’t finished yet obviously. But it’s going okay for now.....I hope to be finished tomorrow!
Wish me luck. Things are going well for my first sweater! I wanted to knit TOP DOWN so that my daughter could try it on as I go along and I can adjust the pattern accordingly, just in case things aren’t going well. I’m documenting everything as I go along. 

So we shall see... stay tuned everyone!


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