INTARSIA KNITTING Why do you hate me?

Intarsia knitting is the bane of my existence at times. It’s cumbersome and one mistake can make that pumpkin that you’re knitting look like a basketball. I mean it’s hard with carrying floats in the back of the work that make everything pucker. It has to be done just right for you to pull it off. I have yet to master duplicate stitch so that one will remain a nightmare. Duplicate stitch is even scarier than the dream I have about the clowns and Lionel Ritchie. Yeah, long story. 

So here, I got the idea for skulls and hearts. How they go together, I haven’t figured that one out yet. But in this cowl, they go together greatly. I chose green because I thought it was a great color and I had enough of it in Bulky from My friends at

I created my own pattern for a skull and used graphing paper to create it. The hearts were just as easy.

This is the image that I used to make my own skull. Feel free to use it for yourself but I ran out of space on the left side, so add an extra space for the hearts. Add two spaces there. I didn’t create the second heart on top like you see here. I didn’t want my Cowl or Hat to look too busy. But create and knit away. I’d love to see pictures of what you guys created using this free Intarsia pattern for yourselves. 

Here are some of the other things that I finished last week and this week.

Did this for the fiance. He loves his coffee so I created his own Coffee cup cozy with his own initial so that everyone would know that it’s his. Just hand your cozy to your barista and you should be able to identify your cozy anywhere and everywhere. I can also do pictures of your family members on the cozy as well if you’re interested. Please email me for more information.

The hat and cowl set together. 

I’m just putting the finishing touches on the cowl and hat set. This was so fun to create. I had a ball! 


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