An Explanation of my Refund Policy

I made a beautiful item for a customer and let's say it didn't work out well. Even though the item was created exactly to the specifications of the description that I provided, she decided that it wouldn't work for her and asked for her money back.

I was left with a dilemma.

When a customer places an order, the money spent on the materials to make it come out of the payment. When a customer wants a refund back, then the money to buy the materials is lost. Not to mention the labor.

(Cue violins)

I have a pretty serious disease that stops me from doing a lot of things in my life. Sometimes, I can't knit due to bad arthritis. So that's why it takes so long to create them. I need all of that time to make the item and to do it the right way. I ask for my clients to be patient.

But when you return something, especially an ottoman or a bolero, I have to refund the money. My refund policy was a little ambiguous and I have no one but myself to blame. So due to that, I had to refund the money and eat the costs and labor of the item.

So what do I do?

I'm a one person business. When you place an order, I immediately purchase the materials for the item and begin work on it as soon as possible, unless there is another order ahead of you. I am the only person that works for my company so I don't have a team of knitters to help me. I tried to show the dog once but his attention span is awfully short. My daughter won't touch the stuff and my fiance always makes a run for it. To his credit, he doesn't mind untangling long balls of yarn for me so that's a great compromise.

So, I had to change the refund policy. I hate that I had to do it but since it wasn't clear to begin with, I had to eat the costs. Such is life. Such is business. It happens and what can you do?

So custom orders are unable to be returned, UNLESS, what I send is not what you ordered or is defective. Colors that are not provided at the time counts as a CUSTOM ORDER and is subject to the same policy (see above).

If you want a refund, you have 10 days (not 30) to return the item. Returns can be made but cost of materials and labor will be deducted from final cost. You have to understand that once I deliver something to your house, and it was done to your specifications, it will be hard to resell that item. The item that was returned was done in a color that NO ONE asks for so you see that it will be hard to resell it because of that fact. It makes me angry just thinking about it because I look at every thing that I send out as a baby. Half the time, I don't want to let them go to you guys because if you spend so much time with something, you do get attached. I was proud of my work but I never dreamed that it would have ended up like this.

So I'm sorry. But the policy has indeed changed. Keep in mind that I'm a very fair person. I will always do what's in your best interest but I can't afford to take losses like big businesses can. I'm on a fixed income (disability) and it leaves me very little room for error.

(Stop violins)

I hope that when you place an order with me, you will be satisfied with what you receive. Thank you so much for reading and I hope to create something for you really soon.


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