Etsy Has A Counterfeit Problem...Yes It Does..

Etsy is an online website where people can purchase homemade or vintage items. It is quite a awesome place if you're looking for quirky and original finds.

**sound of record coming to a quick and complete stop**


Today, Etsy's stock price dropped 10% amongst claims that they are selling goods that has infringed on trademark and copyright.

For example, if you're looking for a Pokemon scarf for your child. That's fine and all but the person that makes the scarf is infringing on a trademark, unless they've received permission to make the scarf using the Pokemon image. This happens all the time on Etsy, Ebay, Alibaba, and other sites. There is just so much of it, it's hard to fight. Since there is this belief that Etsy is doing nothing about the situation, they took a huge hit with the 10% hit to the stock price.


So what is a site like Etsy to do? They should probably crack down on people who infringe on trademark and copyright that rightfully belong to others.

I know when you're knitting a scarf for someone's kid that loves Pokemon so much. However, it is so popular you're thinking of selling the pattern or even the item on your store. I can see how something so innocent could land you in such hot water.

But the law is the law and something tells me that if you have any of these items on your store, you should remove them right away. That goes for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Disney, Peanuts, etc.

I've seen people do Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors wallets. Etsy's response? There is none yet but this is blatant infringement! Again, I can understand a Mickey Mouse scarf or purse but making fake wallets and handbags takes the cake.

This kind of brings me back to an earlier post that I wrote about how people sell patterns and then tell you not to sell the merchandise that you produce from it. What nerve! Especially when you infringed on someone else's trademark to being with. Oh the irony!

Anyway, if you have any of these items on your store, you should probably start removing them now.


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