Statement Pieces

I am creating a new area in my shop for statement pieces, which are going to be beautifully made shawls from the finest materials. I believe that EVERYONE should have a statement piece. A wearable piece of art that they should be able to put on and wear with anything. These statement pieces will not really be customizable, unless you press the CUSTOM ORDER button. Then whatever colors and additions that you would like to include, we can do so.

So look for the statement pieces! Purchase one today that speaks to you! I can't wait to create them for you!

Beatrice the Teddy Frog wanted to get in on the shoot. She is wearing a custom made Easter Dress that she begged me to make for her. So....I did. She loves it and it shows....

This is the new Sari Wrap. It hasn't been put up for sale on the store as of yet but it will shortly, once I work out some more details of how it will be marketed and worn. It is very versatile in it's current state but I'm not sure if I should attach it or leave it be.


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