The Perfect Knit Ottoman available for $79.00

Yes they are on sale!
So get one today!

You may wonder why they take so long to make. Well they actually don't, which is the cool part. I can whip one of these up in  a matter of two days for the smallest and medium sizes. I would need an extra day for the jumbo size. But I do have other orders in front of yours. Not to mention, I have a disease, so i do like to pace myself and not force myself to hit deadlines that are impossible. So I give myself enough time to do what I need to do.
 Other than that, these are my ottomans, with the exception of the orange one on top. That one is actually a pillow. It is available for sale with my blanket item on Etsy starting at $12. The other two are ottomans!!! The cream one is waiting for her sister to be completed and then they will be shipped off to a happy customer in California. The Cobblestone Heather one on the bottom was returned by a customer. So it's just sitting there waiting to have home. I may put it up for sale on the store. Who knows?

But these are available to be knit with or without ridges. They cost just ten dollars more, as it takes more yarn to knit ridges and it takes a longer time. With the ridges look nice, but they add on hours to production time. I use a 4x4 knit purl combination to get the ribbing that you see here. I've played with 4X2 combinations and saw that I liked this best.

This is what I got with the 4X2 ribbing combination which was okay but it left me open for lots of mistakes if I wasn't paying attention.

a closer look

all put together...

What a lovely ottoman! Since I do nothing but cream all day long, when I got an order for Avocado, I could have sent a dozen roses to my customer. It's the most popular color that I do. CREAM. I hate it! (no I don't..just a bit tired of it)  I mean if you worked with the same color every day when you know that thousands of other colors are within reach, you would get pretty tired of doing one color every day.

 I've yet to do a red or black ottoman. Not even a brown one, which by the way I guessed I would doing a lot of ....but NO. I only do CREAM. I love creating them but I'm such a fan of color and doing cream ottomans every day is like giving an artist one color to paint with. Don't mistake that I'm comparing myself to an artist, although I can create really elaborate stick people.

Did you notice the beautiful blanket in the background? I created that one for my seventeen year old daughter. I knit two hearts in the middle of it, which is she and I. I thought she would love it and she did. The colors go really well with each other. I'm open to creating another blanket like it but I need to hold the yarn together and double it up so that it is thicker and more durable.

This sale will only last until the summer so snatch up the Ottoman as quickly as you can!


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