Sipping tea....

 Using the expression "sipping tea" means in the black community that you have heard some juicy gossip, and you don't have anything to say about it. You're just sitting with a delicious and contented look on your face. Sipping tea also means that you're being a hypocrite about something but instead of calling you out, they'd rather sip tea and stay out of it. 

I'm on and laughing at some of you selling patterns that you know you stole from somewhere else and passing it off as your own. WITH THE NERVE to tell people not to sell items from "your" pattern. 

Oh really ? And when did you create characters from The movie Frozen or Despicable Me and create the animated characters? Oh and now you're making a hat and scarf set!? With all that money you made from the movie, you can pay people to knit that set. But I'm sipping tea....
**takes another sip**

Ok. Lol


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