Newborn Knitting

It's been a long time since a newborn was in my house but its always fun to knit for friends that are having babies! It's so wonderful to take a ball of yarn and turn it into something very useful that a baby is going to actually use, Mothers know that bibs, socks, blankets, and clothing gets used! And quite frequently. I have learned that hand knitted items are more durable than the crap that you buy at the store and for half the price.

For example, spitting up cloths were so useful in  my home, yet they were so used and abused. They were not durable at all and had I knew how to knit then, my child would have had everything knitted. EVERYTHING!

I don't use patterns. I use them as guidelines on what I should do and what types of increases/decreases work best. Then I do my own thing. I hate working from patterns because I can't get caught up in the distraction that I like when I'm knitting. I go into my own creative world and patterns stifle that creativity. Besides, when you use people's patterns, you never know if they're going to go apeshit and say you stole something from them that they pretty much took from someone else. I still can't get over some of the silly stuff I see in the knitting world. People threatening litigation over stuff they don't even own.

Seriously, if you're one of those people that sell licensed merchandise on Etsy, you may be looking at your own litigation in the future, starting with a cease and desist letter. I'm not for people stealing patterns and that we all should be so open. No. I'm a writer and I believe in copyright. But when it comes to knitting, things are such a gray area. You see something and it inspires you to knit it one way when the pattern tells you to knit it another. Where does infringement begin and my imagination end?

My philosophy is that don't sell the pattern period if you don't want people to sell the items that they purchase from your pattern. Look at all the knit pattern books that you see in your house. Now, do any of them say, please don't sell what you make from this pattern? I haven't seen one yet. I think the whole concept is ridiculous. Sewing patterns don't indicate that so why is knitting different?

But I don't want to keep beating this dead horse because there's not much left of the poor devil. I just wanted to share with you guys the fact that I feel very blessed to know that a child is coming into the world and I will be sharing my work with that baby. Handmade gifts are the best gifts that you can give anyone because of the personal touch. Remember that.

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