The Baroque Cowl--Original Piece

 It is currently on sale for $17.99

 There is only one like in it in the world and it won't be reproduced.

It can be worn around the shoulders or around the neck, where it looks best in my humble opinion. It looks very elegant but something that you can pair with a nice jacket or outfit. The colors remind me of a cool day in Autumn and I wanted to capture that with this color scheme. I added rhinestones to the center piece of the flower to add to the elegance! 

 This piece knitted up in 45 minutes actually. It was very fun to do and I hope to make something like it in the future but with different colors. Something more Spring inspired, which is what this was supposed to be initially. But I hope to create something like this with a silk or nylon type yarn.

Go to and see Babygirlknit products and find the Baroque Cowl.
What other colors do you think go well if I made this in a different color? Don't be afraid to get wild and crazy, I love the creativity that goes along with knitting.

The fact that I can take a simple ball of yarn and within a short period of time create something that can be admired and worn by someone. Interesting and it's a reason why I love this craft!


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