Welcome to My Blog!

 I have started yet another blog!

This blog deals with the ins and outs of knitting. It  has been apart of my life for such a long time now. I learned how to knit two years ago around Christmas. I just wanted something in my hands as I sat in front of the fireplace. Hell I just wanted to knit. I didn't have a clue as to WHAT? I was just going to knit squares as silly as that sounds.

But it's true.

Now I have my own Etsy.com store! BabyGirl Knit Products.

This blog is going to be about my business and the business of knitting. I will rant and rave about certain subjects and then pray that you have stuck around to hear all of it. So my apologies in advance.

I have time to knit because I suffer from a disease named lupus, which has kept me in a wheelchair. But it doesn't stop me from doing everything I want to do! So stick around and I hope you like my blog!!


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